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     Bayti Story

BAYTI ("my house" in Arabic) was born in Dubai in order to share products, discoveries and solidarity.

In every BAYTI bag, all products are handmade, ecological and ethical.

All the bags, tote bags and cushions are made by a few women in India, whom I want to support in their courageous daily work.

The products have links with my childhood, references to France and support for different ethical actions.

The concept slightly evolved when arriving in New York, not wanting to "move" too many products, refocusing on local fabrics and products!

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do and that you can discover the stories of the people behind them.

Alors, laissez-vous surprendre !

Sophie, founder of BAYTI Travel House 

(French, born in Paris, I lived 4 years in Dubai, 2 years in London and then in New York !)