BAYTI Bags :

 Original, hand made and supportive gift !

     The making of our bags

All bags are made by women working in the Deepa workshop in Halasuru, a small village of Karnataka (South India).

This initiative is part of the Beautiful Bags program: helping women in South India and ensuring regular profits for several women in difficult situations.

These bags are sold by Namaste, a non profit charity organisation in France which organises orders and shipments from the Deepa workshop. 

Today, these bags are used by BAYTI Travel House, proud and happy to contribute to this great initiative.

Ordering a BAYTI bag is a beautiful charitable gesture... 

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Neela, Savitha, Ayesha, Lakshmamma et les autres...… 

Last week, I was very lucky to meet the women of Halasuru at home.

It was important for me to immerse myself in the very heart of the workshops supported by the Namaste association and discover who was behind the manufacturing of my "BAYTI bags".

Charity organisations and producers

In addition to the "beautiful bags Namaste" association, BAYTI Travel House is also proud to support:

- "P3 Movement France" in Burkina Faso:  working with recycled plastic, and employing vulnerable women. (@P3.plastique.projet.pochette)

- APE (Association for the Protection of the Environment) in Cairo. APE works with the Zabaleen (garbage Collectors) to improve their conditions, promoting a "recycle and reuse" ethos (@ape.mokattam)

Find on our blog all other pictures of the men and women behind our producers.