Coffee, my first RE-THINK



Since I arrived in NYC few months ago, I was really impressed and chocked by the number of packaging and plastic used here. The way seems long to change minds and ways of life..

As many, I was not really involved before in Earth protection, with only few actes done as rubbish recycle and give things ..

With this new life, with all information we have now on the urgency of the situation and with the many discussions done in France, I try to be more involved in this real needed change.


I know that as an “Expat” from France to the Us, my CO2 footprint is largely more than everyone…But its exactly one of my main motivation: try to do everything I can to change deeply my way of life, by following the 6 R..


Nothing is possible quicky but I really think the RE-THINK should my  day to day question.

And try to out action and act on thoughts.

MY FIRST  ACT : Change from nespresso to Bialetti.

Its seems to be anecdotique but it’s a real first change: I was a Nespresso addict for many years, and try as many people to recycle all the capsules…

I read recently the following article on Bialetti company.

And RE-THINK is here totally logic: sale or give my old nespresso machine for buying a Bialetti pot.

It was now done and a real positive change for me : no more capsules, coffee in vrac, and the real taste of a good coffee..



POSITIVE 1stACT for me…. And the article today is no more than my personal sharing.. 

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